approval, controls, how does it work?

The death, at the end of December, of a 53-year-old man under guardianship in the home of a couple, also a foster family in Drôme, raises a number of questions. How does the Department issue approval? How long does this last? What checks are carried out? We take stock.

On December 29, 2023, a 53-year-old man under guardianship was found dead, due to lack of care, after receiving blows and bullets from a rifle, in the home of a couple in the city of Grand-Serre (Drôme). This couple, who have lived in the village for two years, was also a host familyas confirmed by the Department responsible for issuing approvals.

No children were present at the scene at the time of the tragedy. The state of the house, however, raises questions. “I don’t imagine the Department has gotten there”, is surprised by Ivan Flaud, lawyer for her husband suspected of acts of torture and barbarity. Your client and his wife were reportedly foster carers for three or four children.

Becoming a family assistant is a full-time job, carried out as an employee of the Department’s services or a childcare association. The website explain this “The mission is to welcome at home, for remuneration, one or more children aged 0 to 21 years in difficulty.

Four conditions are required to become a family assistant:

  • Have French nationality, be a citizen of the European economic area or have a valid residence permit that authorizes the exercise of professional activity
  • Not having been convicted of child-related crimes
  • Pass a medical examination ensuring that your health status allows you to receive children
  • Provide reception conditions that guarantee the safety, health and development of children in care

It is the Department’s services that issue the approval that allows the exercise of this profession. “Your educational skills and reception conditions will be assessed in interviews carried out in your home“, explains the Department of Drôme on your website.

The archive study, interviews and home visits are carried out by the Department’s maternal and child protection service (PMI). It is based in a grid of criteria as “a living environment that promotes emotional stability“of the child or”respect for hygiene and comfort rules promoting a quality welcome“. The Department of Drôme I made a booklet dedicated.

After receiving the request, the decision is communicated within four months and approval lasts for five years, renewable. Unless exceptionally authorized, the host family cannot welcome more than three children at the same time.

Before welcoming the first child, the family assistant takes a preparatory course, lasting 60 hours and organized by the employer. Then, within three years of signing the first employment contract, professional training-study lasting 18 to 24 months is mandatory.

Regarding remuneration, the family assistant is remunerated depending on the number of children cared for and the length of stay, with the minimum wage being the minimum monthly wage. It is up to each department to set the remuneration of family assistants.

The website indicates that if the family assistant fails to meet the approval conditions, departmental services can modify the content of the approval, or even withdraw it. In case of emergency, this approval may be suspended and no child may be trusted. This is the case of the two Drômois, indicted for “acts of torture and barbarity that led to the death without the intention of causing it” to this 53-year-old man they sheltered. They are currently in pre-trial detention.

Having recently lived in Grand-Serre, this forty-year-old couple previously lived in another town in Drôme. In accordance with article R421-41 of the Social Action and Family CodeIn the event of a change within the department, the family assistant must notify the community president fifteen days before the change of residence.

Once the move is complete,”the president of the departmental council of the new place of practice ensures, by carrying out a visit, that it complies with the existing approval. When the new childcare conditions justify it, the president of the departmental council changes the approval“, specifies the text.

Contacted about a new check when the couple moved following the death of a man under guardianship in their home, the Drôme Department sent us this response: “Within the scope of its request regarding the Grand Serre case regarding a homicide, the Departmental Council will not make any comments other than the elements transmitted in a press release, in accordance with the principles of ethics and in accordance with the ongoing legal procedure..”

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