Are your personal data in the hands of hackers? Do the test

This doesn’t just happen to others… Large companies, hospitals, SMEs, individuals, no one is safe from seeing their personal data disappear into the wild and become the object of illicit trade on the Dark Web. Here is a tool that allows you to check if your various online accounts on the Internet were the target of a cyber attack identified by the HIBP website.

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One of Internet users’ biggest fears is having their personal data stolen when a service or network falls victim to hackers, which happens frequently. No company is protected from massive data theft, including Gafam (GoogleGoogle, LitterLitter, FacebookFacebook, AmazonAmazon AND MicrosoftMicrosoft). Fortunately, there is a very practical online tool to find out if your email address or phone number is in the hands of people with bad intentions.

Note that even without a password leak, much of your data is already widely publicly available. Google also plans to use them to train its AI. ©Futura

Most of the time, the data collected concerns surnames, names, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses or even addresses and professions of Internet users. In the most serious cases, bank details can also be stolen.

A simple interface to find out if your personal data has been stolen. But be careful, “the absence of proof is not proof of absence” as the FAQ on the HIBP website reminds us. © screenshot by Have I Been Pwned, HIBP

A simple and relevant tool

To find out if your email address or phone number is circulating in the wrong hands, and therefore potentially other data with it, you must connect to the website I was pranked (“Was I tricked?” in French). This reference site lists all data reported stolen by websites and online services. This way, just enter your email address to see if it appears one or more times.

In this case, you will have the list of corrupted websites and services. You will then need to immediately change all Passwords affected, even if the attack occurred several months or years ago. It is also highly recommended to switch to the double authenticationwhen possible.

The same service is provided for telephone numbers. If yours is one of those hacked, you will need to be very vigilant and be wary of any suspicious messages, calls or SMS.

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