Artificial intelligence and cybercrime: two new training courses launched in Lille

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They are two formations very in tune with the times. HE HAS Lille (North)the FGES (Faculty of Management, Economics and Sciences) of’Catholic University open two new training courses continuing and diploma courses inartificial intelligence and the cybercrime.

Two training courses launched in Lille on cybercrime and artificial intelligence

They are intended for students and everyone professionals. With these two new training courses, FGES positions itself “in teaching experienced professionals, who wish to adapt their knowledge and working methods to the rapid developments and challenges of the digital transformation of our contemporary society”.

It must be said that artificial intelligence (AI) constitutes one of the pillars of the digital revolution. For example, it is revolutionizing business practices by personalizing customer experiences and optimizing supply chains.

“These advances raise challenges related to the transformation of necessary skills and access to resources. A revolution that involves special attention to ethical values, legal compliance and security for a successful transition.”

With this in mind, the FGES Digital School (EDN), in partnership with Euratechnologiesoffers ongoing “AI for companies” training aimed at professionals who wish to integrate AI into their profession.

This program aims to provide in-depth knowledge of advances in Artificial Intelligence, thus preparing professionals to face the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities that this area offers.

Cybercrime: expertise and security

The other training is dedicated to cybercrime. In the digital age, threats to computer systems and sensitive data are increasing and the security of information systems has become essential.

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Continuous training in cybercrime, organized by EDN-FGES in collaboration with CyberGend (National Gendarmerie Training Center) and with the support of Campus-Cyber ​​​​​​Lille, “provides participants with advanced skills in cybersecurity and systems protection information security”.

This training aims to provide professionals with the ability to anticipate and combat threats, while also teaching ethical and legal issues around this discipline. “A practical approach to cybercrime, through teaching investigation techniques and regulations”.

Aimed mainly at young agents deployed for investigations, or seeking refresher training in regulation and digital techniques, ongoing training in cybercrime is also aimed at professions in the legal world (lawyers, judges, prosecutors, etc.).

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