Most elderly people who live alone at home do not feel safe

According to the results of this survey, almost all (99%) of people aged 50 and over believe that home security is essential for them! What seems obvious…

According to this new study, some “key” elements contribute most to this feeling among the elderly surveyed: more than a quarter (26%) live in well-protected housing; for 17%, the presence of a trusted family member, for 15%, maintaining good relations with neighbors and finally, for 11%, having money to finance an unforeseen event.

However, almost two thirds (64%) of respondents believe that they do not feel completely safe at home (the development of homejacking in recent times does not help and attacks on the elderly at home even less so).

In fact, they raise several sources of concern:
• 43% highlight the fact that they have already been victims of a robbery or attack at home, compared to 4% of young people aged between 18 and 34 (ten times more, that’s huge!).
• 42% cite the living environment, including the neighborhood and the environment (the fact is that the world is changing and not necessarily for the better).
• on the other hand, almost a third (29%) mentions the insecurity of their housing!

These people aged 50 and over interviewed by Opinionway also specified the risks that worry them most at home, with medical emergencies logically being a source of greater concern for the elderly than for generation Y.:
• more than a quarter (26%) fear feeling unwell or losing consciousness, compared to 8% of 18-34 year olds
• a fourth is mainly afraid of a robbery, in his absence or in his presence
• 22% are worried about domestic accidents, compared to 18% of young people aged 18 to 34 (rightly so, domestic accidents concern many elderly people)
• 14% are afraid of a possible fire
• and finally, “last but not least”, 6% of a physical attack

Another point revealed by this study, the majority (59%) of those interviewed said they were “not completely safe” and “experienced this sensation after dark”. Once again, rightly so, as attacks on the elderly (sometimes even very violent) have become common.

In the event of an intrusion, the first instinct of just one in two seniors (57%) would be to call the police, while 14% would scream and ask for help. Almost two thirds (64%), however, believe they have a good knowledge of the behaviors, attitudes and reflexes to adopt to feel safe at home.

To reinforce this feeling of security at home, concrete actions are implemented by elderly people who live alone to protect themselves, namely:
• For 87% of them, they systematically lock the front door when they return home.
• Maintain close relationships with your neighbors (82%)
• Leave a spare key with a trusted person (81%)
• Having a pet (34%)
• Regularly invite loved ones to sleepover so they are not alone (21%)
• Install an alarm or video surveillance system (19%)

*OpinionWay survey for Verisure – The feeling of security of people living alone, carried out from February 28 to March 10, 2023 with 1,010 French people living alone aged 18 or over, representative of the French population.

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