Thot Cursus News (January 2024)

Each month, Hot Course offers three articles from its news feed to Écolebranchee readers (and even some bonuses).

Here are the suggestions for the month of November: recognition of students’ efforts, the classroom climate and the development of socio-emotional skills, librarians in the age of AI, text generators assisted by artificial intelligence.

Recognize student efforts

Effort is part of learning knowledge, whatever it may be.

Until this reality is better rewarded by the educational environment, the various stakeholders will have every interest in creating an environment where the latter take up as much, or even more, space than grades.

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Classroom climate and development of socio-emotional skills

Developing students’ socio-emotional skills ensures a climate of well-being at school and is an ally for academic success.

Providing an adequate framework for learning is of utmost importance for anyone, but it is even more essential for young students who are taking their first steps at school, given their inability to contain their emotions in cases of upsets of all kinds, which can negatively affect your stay in school and even your ability to learn.

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Librarians in the age of AI

The arrival of algorithms in libraries is just beginning. Few of them use it. While not all professionals agree with its position, some understand that it is better to jump on the bandwagon and take advantage of the possibilities.

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Artificial intelligence-assisted text generators

Among the thirty tools presented, some write for you, while others check and improve your text, even just identifying the errors you missed.
There are also those who “optimize” the text by inserting keywords to better reach the target audience.
The possibilities are vast, ranging from subtle assistance to complete standardization of writing.

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