A studio founded by Volition (Saints Row) alumni is working on an Xbox | Xbox

Last year, Volition definitively closed its doors following the restructuring plan initiated by the Embracer Group. The veterans of the old studio therefore wanted to continue working together and founded Shapeshifter Games, a co-development studio that today works with Xbox.

New studio Shapeshifter Games is co-developing an Xbox Game Studios game

The new studio made its existence official to the public through a first message on LinkedIn, allowing people to learn about Shapeshifter’s ambitions. Volition alumni therefore focus on developing AAA games.

Shapeshifter is a new co-development studio created by a group of experienced developers at Volition. We focus on developing AAA games. One of the company’s goals is to create a more sustainable environment for developers to do their best work.

We’re already hard at work with a leading publisher on their next big IP and looking to expand.

Shapeshifter is always looking for talented developers to help us grow. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to hear from you.

Although the announcement was made yesterday, An employee mentioned the existence of Shapeshifter Games last month via a LinkedIn post, while confiding that the studio is co-developing an Xbox Game Studios project.

I’m pleased to announce that I have a new role as Specialist Lighting Artist at Shapeshifter Games, co-developing an Xbox Games Studios project.

Unfortunately, at this point it’s not possible to know what game it is, but it’s a safe bet that the gray areas will become clearer in several months or years, when the project in question becomes available.

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