AI and hearing aids: a fine balance to push the limits of what’s possible

Audioinfos365 – AI and hearing aids: a fine balance to push the limits of what is possible

This year, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January 2024 was dominated by AI. It is everywhere around us and will be present in the future. It can be found applied at all levels: design, construction, manufacturing, marketing… you name it! Although claims and counterclaims about the benefits and threats of this technology are hotly debated in many fields, there is no doubt that its benefits will be quickly adopted in the areas of medical research, diagnosis and treatment. Where do major hearing aid manufacturers stand on the role of AI in their products? The correspondent ofAudio information in the UK asked them the question.

Peter Wix, published January 30, 2024

The development of artificial intelligence (AI) in hearing aids may have seemed like a gradual process, but it may have confused some audiologists and other professionals, trained in an era before the use of computer algorithms in hearing aids. Starkey hearing aids, for example, have been using these dreaded two vowels as part of their device names (Livio AI, Evolv AI, Genesis AI, etc.) for some time now, and the American manufacturer acknowledges paying special attention to AI in its devices. Demant’s technology experts have also spent many years developing devices that incorporate deep neural networks for Oticon devices. Machine learning is now part of modern hearing aids. How long will it take for this peculiarity to become commonplace? To find out where…

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