Alternative app stores: iPadOS not affected

Although iOS is at the beginning of a real revolution, it turns out that the operating system dedicated to Apple tablets is not affected.

Confusion reigns afterwardsLitter announced a large series of changes in relation to the App Store in the European Union. To comply with the Digital Markets Law (DMA), the Cupertino company will have to allow owners ofiPhone EU residents install their apps from sources other than the official App Store. But the brand’s other products will not have this possibility.

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iPadOS remains subservient to the App Store

With iOS 17.4, which must be published before March 6 to be on track, iPhones will be able to install other app stores in addition to the App Store. It is mainly thanks to this measure that Fortnitethe famous Battle Royale from Epic Games will finally return to the iPhone after more than two years of disappearance.

However, neither iPadOS, tvOS, nor watchOS will be affected by these major policy changes from Apple. The reason ? These operating systems are not defined by the DMA as priority services and do not constitute, under the current terms of regulation, a danger to free competition in the market (something that is debatable when we know that iPads represent almost 38% of tablet sales worldwide It is Apple Watches up more than 30% of connected watches sold).

In other words, a certain disparity will inevitably be felt if you are a user of these different products. FortniteTo use this example, it can be installed on iPhone and iPhone only.

Apple’s new rules are as painful as they seem »

Mozilla, publisher of the popular Firefox browser, also highlighted additional friction in the matter. Talking about On the edge, the company claims that this difference in processing between iOS and iPadOS will force it to develop (and maintain) two distinct versions of its browser. One, available on iOS, running on Gecko (internal rendering engine, which will be authorized with iOS 17.4), the other for iPadOS and using Safari’s WebKit engine.

We’re still reviewing the technical details, but we’re extremely disappointed with Apple’s proposed plan to restrict the new BrowserEngineKit to EU-specific apps only. The effect of this would be to force an independent browser like Firefox to design and maintain two separate browser versions – a burden that Apple itself will not have to bear.

Damiano DeMonte

Mozilla Spokesperson

The more days that pass since Apple’s announcement, the more it becomes clear that if the company bows to the wishes of the European Union, it does not want to make life easier for all interested parties. The DMA is a very restrictive legislative package for technology giants, and this type of disillusionment is one way to demonstrate it. In addition to the threat of making developers pay for every new install of your apps outside of the App Store, of course.

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