Apple could finally get its connected home ecosystem in order with this new operating system

Apple could merge tvOS and HomePodOS to create a new operating system for the connected home. That’s what certain clues lead us to believe. This new firmware could power the first touchscreen-equipped HomePod speaker. Here’s the name and everything you need to know about this operating system.

This week, Apple sent several beta versions of its operating systems to developers and testers, including tvOS 17.4. However, by going through the tvOS firmware code strings, the leaker MacRumors I noticed that Apple sometimes mentions “homeOS”. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of this name.

In 2021, an X user (formerly Twitter) discovered that Apple mentioned homeOS in its job offers. Since then, no new facts have come to support the theory of a new operating system.

Alleged prototypes of Apple’s HomePod 3 smart speaker with touchscreen / © X/u/Kosutami

To further piece the puzzle together, homeOS is assumed to be the next operating system that would power Apple’s TV and HomePod devices. In other words, Apple could combine tvOS and HomePodOS into homeOS, simplifying its connected home ecosystem.

In addition, various information related to a HomePod speaker equipped with an LCD screen has been published. The most recent leak showed a supposed prototype that would resemble a 3rd generation HomePod with a circular, concave touchscreen on top. It is possible that this home device will be the first to be equipped with homeOS.

There was also speculation that the speaker would support FaceTime calls via a built-in camera, but this rumor could point to a standalone smart speaker with a display.

Regardless, Apple is still several months away from announcing the next major version of tvOS, which is expected to be tvOS 18. Before then, other interesting details may emerge.

Do you think Apple plans to merge tvOS and HomePodOS into a new operating system? What is your opinion on this possible merger?

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By : MacRumors

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