Cybersecurity: an area that can yield more than 50,000 euros per year according to a Google manager –

Companies currently face a growing challenge: recruiting cybersecurity experts. This particularly technical and special skill would be, according to Lisa Gevelber, VP Marketing at Google, one of the most sought after, with around 3.5 million vacancies worldwide, but above all a salary of over €50,000 per year.

A global cybersecurity skills shortage persists

The talent shortage in cyber security It’s not new, but it tends to get worse. According to the study “The Life and Times of Cybersecurity Professionals”, carried out by ESG (Enterprise Strategy Group) and ISSA (Information Systems Security Association) and published by Le FigaroMore than 70% of companies are struggling to fill these crucial positions in 2023, marking a significant increase from 57% just two years ago.

Why this difficulty?

Professionals with skills in this area are often overwhelmed and, sometimes, some even opt for a career change, leaving their positions vacant for long periods of time. This situation is particularly real in small structures. That said, it concerns even large companies with significant resources, which struggle to find competent candidates. Internal training then becomes a solution, but employees trained on the job do not necessarily have the necessary experience to carry out missions successfully.

The majority of professionals working in the area believe that the situation is getting worse, only 5% think it is improving. According to forecasts by the American Bureau of Labor Statistics (equivalent to INSEE in France), the number ofjobs in cyber security will increase by 32% over the next 10 years; which represents a value well above the average for all professions combined.

Cybersecurity: a field rich in opportunities for new talent

The good news for emerging talent in this sector? Employers are ready to offer more than attractive salaries, even for beginners. According to the Robert Half Salary Guide 2024, an entry-level worker can expect to earn €50,000 per year. This amount increases to €60,000 for intermediate profiles and reaches €70,000 for specialists.

But why is cybersecurity essential?

There cyber security plays a vital role for any business. This essential discipline covers the protection of computer systems against online attacks, but also the data protection against hackers. Today, cybersecurity experts have become the guardians of our personal data, ensuring that it remains inaccessible. In a context where computer attacks are increasingly frequent, the strong demand for cybersecurity professionals explains the attractive salaries they can obtain.

If you are passionate about IT and like solving problems, the cyber security offers golden opportunities, but above all a very well-paid position!

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