Infobip and join forces

In a significant move for the technology industry, Infobip, a global omnichannel communications company, and, a leader in AI-based customer service automation, have announced a strategic partnership.

This collaboration aims to transform customer experiences through the power of artificial intelligence, targeting strategic sectors in North America, Europe, India, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region.

Bringing together Infobip’s expertise in omnichannel communications and’s generative AI capabilities marks an important step toward developing end-to-end brand-to-consumer voice solutions. The joint effort aims to meet the growing demand for more humanized and personalized voice conversations. will integrate its CPaaS solutions into the Infobip platform, enhancing channels such as WhatsApp, SMS and email to create seamless conversational experiences.

Rashid Khan, CPO and co-founder of, highlights the importance of leveraging synergies within your partner ecosystem to improve business outcomes for clients. “Our collaboration with Infobip will strengthen our presence in existing markets and help us reach new regions like Europe,” he says. Infobip’s expertise in creating connected experiences, combined with’s customer service automation solutions, will enable businesses to deliver more intuitive and personalized experiences.

Veselin Vukovic, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Infobip, discusses the importance of meeting customers’ ever-changing expectations for quick responses and personalized experiences. “Through this strategic collaboration, we aim for businesses to be able to create appropriate messaging journeys, focusing on channels such as WhatsApp, SMS and Voice, particularly in the Indian market and the North American region,” says -he.

The partnership targets diverse sectors, from retail and consumer electronics to BFSI, telecommunications, utilities and healthcare. By coordinating their go-to-market strategies and customer success initiatives, and Infobip aim to significantly maximize ROI for their clients. While the initial focus is on expanding existing product lines, the two companies also plan long-term collaboration to create and develop new concepts.

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