the guide to using free generative AI tools

With the excitement around generative AI since late 2021, it seemed logical to see Adobe, a leader in the design market with its software suite, offer its own model. Named FireflyAdobe’s artificial intelligence can generate images, as well as Middle of the journey Or SLABbut also to perform many other tasks, within the suite software as in an online platform.

What is Firefly, Adobe’s generative AI?

In spring 2023, Adobe revealed Firefly, its internal artificial intelligence focused on generating and editing visual resources. Thanks to several templates, Adobe was able to allow its users to test some of its tools, including image generation, within a dedicated web interface, before implementing Firefly in their various design software. Thus, we find AI in Photoshop, Illustrator and Adobe Express.

On its web interface, Adobe makes some of its tools available, in addition to 25 free monthly generative credits. It is therefore possible – as long as you are connected to an account – to test the generation of “classic” images, like what DALL-E or Midjourney offer, but also other features. We can notably mention generative filling, which allows you to remove or add elements to an image through a prompt; text effects, giving the possibility of applying different styles or textures to the text; or even generative recoloring, to generate color variants of a vector illustration.

Discover the Adobe Firefly web platform

1. AI imaging

On the Firefly online platform, generating images using a prompt is called “From text to image”. To create a visual, all you need to do is write a prompt, as with any tool of the same type. Firefly will then generate four images in response to your request. But it doesn’t stop there, as many options are available on the interface. In particular, you will be able to:

  • Choose the format of your image,
  • Choose the style between Photograph AND Artas well as modifying the intensity of these characteristics,
  • Import or choose an image from the proposed gallery to match the style of your reference image with the generated image,
  • Choose different effects like To paint, Digital drawing, Hyperrealismetc.
  • Change color, tone, lighting and composition,
  • Delete words or expressions so that they are not part of the generation.

Once you have generated your visuals and made your choice between the four proposals, you can download your image, but also modify it through generative filling, or even edit it in Adobe Express.

In addition to the image generation itself, the tool offers numerous options to approach your request more effectively. © Adobe Firefly/BDM Montage

2. Generative Fill

Generative fill, including Photoshop integration has been widely distributed, allows you to add or remove an element from your image by specifying your need through a prompt. Using a flexible brush, and clicking and dragging over the image, you can select an area where your request will take effect.

Firefly – generative fill
Generative fill allows you to select an area and add or remove an element. © Adobe Firefly/BDM Montage

From there you canTo add or To subtract content in your image. To do this, simply select the appropriate icon and write your prompt. For example, we asked Firefly to remove the beach house and replace it with palm trees. But you can also ask to add a cute dolphin or change the color of the llama’s surfboard, etc.

Firefly – generative fill (2)
In this example, we removed the beach house. © Adobe Firefly/BDM Montage

Other options are available: in particular, you are given the possibility to completely replace the background, thanks to automatic cropping that preserves the main theme of your look. Some advanced settings are also available, such as the ability to exactly match the image to be generated with the format of your selection or to maintain the original proportions or style. Of course, once the image is generated, you can download it.

3. Text Effects

Functionality Text Effects offers the possibility “apply styles or textures to text using a prompt”. Within the interface, simply write your text in the dedicated box and then, next to it, write your prompt specifying the effect you want to give to the letters: tiger coat, toast, flowers, pizza, holographic drip… There is no shortage of possibilities. Once done, Firefly will offer four effect options that match your query.

At the same time, you can choose the thickness of the effect in relation to the text format, modify the font or even choose the color of the text or background, which you can also make transparent. Once the text is created and the effect applied, you can download your image, copy it (for example, paste it into a generated visual), or open it in Adobe Express.

Firefly – text effects
The “realistic llama hair” effect was applied and validated by a team of talented zoologists. © Adobe Firefly/BDM Montage

4. Generative recoloring

Last tool available for free on the Adobe Firefly online platform: generative recoloring. This functionality allows you “generate color variants of your vector illustration from a text description”. In other words, if you have a vector image (whose extension is .SVG), Firefly can offer you color variations according to your request.

To do this, simply import your vector image or choose one from the catalog offered by Adobe, then write a prompt that will instruct Firefly to suggest color variations. Here again you can let your imagination run wild, the tool suggesting, for example, prompts such as “Midnight blue”, “Sandy beach”, but also “Salmon sushi” or “Disco lights”. It is also possible to give color guidelines or harmonize them according to different parameters.

Firefly – generative recolor
We request color variations in the “fall colors” theme. © Adobe Firefly/BDM Montage

Once you’ve made your choices, you’ll be able to generate four suggested variations for your look, as illustrated in the example above. When you click on one of the four images offered, Adobe provides a list of colors used. Simply copy, download or open your image in Adobe Express.

Firefly – generative recolor (2)
The range used in your image is specified in the top left corner of your image. © Adobe Firefly/BDM Montage

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