With techCannes, the Cannes festival will open up to startups and AI

From May 17th to 20th, 2024, the Cannes Film Festival is preparing to host something new: on the initiative of producer Sarah Lelouch, Ondine beach will host the technologyCannesan event at the crossroads of technology and the seventh art, with lectures, round tables, quick meetings, award ceremonies and demonstrations of innovations aimed at cinema.

“We realized that there was a real communication problem between the two worlds, with a lot of misunderstandings,” she explains to Maddyness, describing her personal experience while raising funds for her platform.The DCF”(for “The Diversity of French Cinema”), which relies on Web3 to finance new types of projects.

“Technology has its place more than ever on the Croisette”

“Technology and cinema are evolving together, but they still don’t know how to communicate… AI was one of the reasons for the strike that paralyzed Hollywood last year. However, if there is a place where we should debate these issues, it is at the Cannes Festival, the largest film market in the world”, he adds, estimating that “technology has more than ever its place on the Croisette”.

Naturally, in this first edition the emphasis will be placed particularly on the impacts of artificial intelligence. But this will not be the only topic debated over these four days: “the future belongs to those who know how to use technological tools, starting with artificial intelligence. But it’s not just AI: blockchain is also a technology with strong potential for the cinema economy.”

4 techCannes awards

To demonstrate the interest of technology in different cinema professions, twelve startups will compete in an awards ceremony: the techCannes Awards. Four categories were defined: best artistic innovation, most useful innovation for the audiovisual industry, best content platform, most suitable AI tool for making a film.

In addition to the highlight of the Cannes Film Festival, Sarah Lelouch intends to bring techCannes to life throughout the year, with a club that will meet regularly in Paris and presence at other important events, such as Toronto and Berlin.

“Our goal is to create a meeting point between giants of cinema and technology, to acculturate the world of cinema to technology and vice versa, allowing them to speak together, on an equal footing”, concludes Paul Hatte, general director of techCannes . , which targets 80 speakers over the four days. The detailed program will be released after the Festival, in March.

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