Musicians fear being replaced, according to Franco-German study

Each survey contains numbers that leave an impression. Thus, the one commissioned from the consultancy Goldmedia to more than 15,000 music professionals by Sacem (Society of Musical Authors and Composers) and its German counterpart, Gema, presents some surprising results. Thus, 71% of music creators and publishers fear that AI will cause a reduction in their income and thus compromise their professional future. One piece of information that must be combined with another: 93% of respondents urge the political world to address the issue and make a concrete commitment to respect the rights of authors whose works are used – cannibalized, according to those most concerned – by artificial intelligence.

Transparency and control

Authors need transparency and control over the use of their workscommented Tobias Holzmüller, General Director of Gema, during the presentation of the the study, Tuesday, January 30. But above all, they demand a fair share of the revenues generated by AI from their work. ”, revenues that, according to projections, should grow 60% per year. At the same time, the drop in authors’ remuneration is estimated at 27% by 2028, representing a total accumulated loss of 2.7 billion euros.

There is no question of slowing down AI activityargued Cécile Rap-Veber, general director of Sacem, but to make her virtuous “. Especially since 35% of musical authors have already used AI in their creative work, a rate that rises to 51% for those under 35. Therefore, it is not in terms of opposition, but of regulation that the sector develops its arguments.” Consumers also want to know who or “what” created the music they listen to! », adds Cécile Rap-Veber.

No ” graze the harvest »

Transparency is therefore essential. and never got in the way of business », guarantees the managing director of Sacem. 95% of music creators and publishers want companies developing AI tools to report the original works they use. “ How can we resolve to give our culture as pasture with impunity to AI so that it can suck its value, repackage it and resell it for its sole profit? ? », agrees Tobias Holzmüller, combative, despite his calm and smiling speech.

Music professionals are clearly sending their message to politicians who, especially in France, are reluctant, in the name of innovation, to sign up to the European AI Law aimed at regulating the sector and protecting copyright. Thus, on January 22, a collective message was sent to Minister Rachida Dati by several societies of authors, producers and cultural broadcasters, including Sacem.

Hoping to compete with the United States or China to the detriment of our cultural sovereignty is a dead endhighlights Cécile Rap-Veber. When we invest 10 million, they invest a billion! »And invite public authorities« fight with our weapons, namely our culture, whose global reputation is envied by other countries that do not have our copyright protection systems. »

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