a mobile app for accurate tracking of your package delivery

Online shopping has definitely become part of everyday life. Mainly because everyone can track the delivery of their order through a mobile application. We present Ordertracker, an application that makes life easier for the public.

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On the 21stIt is century, we are now used to shopping online. Whether purchasing shoes, clothes, gifts for loved ones, a computer, a pod or a connected watch, e-commerce stores offer a multitude of items. It is true that purchasing online brings many advantages, including ease, practicality, time savings and secure payment. Furthermore, it is possible for your order to be delivered to your home or office. These days, you can even use an app that tracks the delivery of a package, like Ordertracker.

Applications that make life easier

Buying online saves valuable time and avoids the hassle of traveling, comparing prices, etc. In fact, all orders are placed immediately in the online store. The problem usually lies with delivery, which can take a certain amount of time, and the incompatibility of truck drivers’ routes with customers’ schedules. Plus, sometimes it’s hard to keep up. In other words, customers do not have accurate information about whether their orders are being prepared by the supplier or whether they are already in the hands of the delivery people. That’s why developers developed a mobile application that allows you to track the delivery of your packages, almost in real time.

With this software monitoring deliveries, customers can now get an idea of ​​the date and time when delivery drivers will come to their home or office to deliver their orders. This way, managing your schedule becomes easier, as you can make your schedules coincide with the delivery drivers’ rounds. This avoids the return of shipments and all the inconvenience that this causes. Plus, you receive your deliveries on time and can use the ordered items immediately.

Ordertracker, an application with interesting features

Today, there are a multitude of applications that allow customers to track the delivery of their order. Among these, the Ordertracker application is positioned as a global reference. How to use this software to track orders on the Internet? Firstly, you need to download this app from Google Play or Apple Store before installing it on your Android or iOS phone. Importantly, this global package tracker makes it easy to track packages internationally. In fact, it is compatible with the biggest virtual shopping platforms, such as AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Etsy, Rakuten, Cdiscount, Fnac, etc.

Ordertracker app makes it easy to track any package using the Tracking number provided by the post office. In fact, in just a few clicks, deliveries can be easily tracked, regardless of the delivery company the supplier collaborates with:

  • Mail, Royal Mail, China Post or EMS ePacket;
  • Colis Privé, Colissimo, UPS or Geodis-Gwui;
  • Aliexpress-Standard Shipping, Amazon Logistics TBA or Vova-Vova Post;
  • Speedpak, Wndirect-Asendia, Yanwen or Shein;
  • Etc.

Other features of this tracker

It’s important to note that more than 1,200 postal services in over 200 countries work with Ordertracker. Furthermore, the mobile application is capable of automatically detecting the postal service responsible for delivering your order. But each customer can choose the postal service manually if they wish. Finally, each time your package changes status, it will receive notifications in your mailbox. This information concerns, in particular, the delivery progress of your order and its real-time location when using the order tracking software. This results in better management of drivers responsible for distribution and carrier tours.

Article written in partnership with Ordertracker

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