Android encourages updating your apps, here’s how

Google has an idea to boost the updating of its applications. When you launch outdated apps, notifications appear asking you to update them. Developers can define which versions should display these messages.

  • Google will launch a notification system that prompts you to update your outdated apps when you launch them
  • Developers will be able to target the versions of apps that should display these notifications
  • Google estimates that 50% of users respond favorably to these notifications

Updating all your Android apps means taking advantage of new features and protect yourself from hackers. The only thing is that we don’t always think about it and dozens of updates accumulate. Google is aware of this when preparing a notification system to encourage you to update your apps.

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Notifications to send app updates

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Google wants to encourage Android users to update their apps more frequently and easily. The Mountain View company is preparing a new tool to display notifications when open apps are out of date. Their purpose is to remind you of the importance of updates to benefit from the latest features and security patches.

Android hasn’t rolled this feature out to everyone yet, but we imagine which will arrive soon for all operating system users. As always, the break Pixel could benefit from it before anyone else. Here’s how these notifications work:

  • Notifications appear when the user opens an app that needs an update. They take the form of a full-screen page or a small window with a dedicated refresh button.
  • Notifications are easy for developers to enable, they can choose obsolete versions of your applications to achieve in the Google Play Console or through the Play Developer API.
  • Notifications are effective in encouraging users to update their apps, Google believes 50% of people respond favorably.

You must have understood, Google really wants your apps are updated.

Why should you update your apps?

Why update apps other than taking advantage of the latest features and better security? Updates also improve compatibility between different Android versions and different devices. Applications run much better without performance or stability issues.

In April 2023, Google launched another interesting system for Android device updates (from Android 7). When one of the apps crashes and there is a more stable version on the Play Store, a notification warns the user.

Even Android Auto is also entitled to its updates to stop errors. In short, you should always have the latest published version from an app!

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