Google powers Maps with generative AI

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Artificial intelligence is everywhere and Google understands this well. That’s why the web giant has already equipped several of its products withGenerative AI to meet the expectations of its users.

Today is Google Maps, the most popular GPS app – 67% of people who use GPS choose it – that has new AI features. These new features will allow you to “talk” to the GPS to get more detailed answers and suggestions than during a generic search. The application, which already has more than a billion users, could see its popularity even further reinforced.

Personalized suggestions

“Imagine: You’re visiting San Francisco and want to plan a few hours to shop for unique vintage pieces,” writes Miriam Daniel, vice president and general manager of Google Maps, in a blog post. “Our artificial intelligence models will analyze Google Maps’ extensive data on businesses and places nearby (your location), as well as photos, ratings, and comments from the Google Maps community to provide reliable suggestions. »

The results obtained with generative AI will then be classified by category. For example, in the scenario above, Google Maps could offer the categories “clothing stores”, “vinyl record store” and “thrift stores”. These results will be accompanied by photos and summaries of Google reviews, which the AI ​​will have generated highlighting what best matches your interests and your request in each location.

It will also be possible to ask additional questions to Google Maps to carry out more complete searches – a bit like a conversation with GPT Chat : “You might want to stay in this nostalgic atmosphere to go eat. In this case, just continue your conservation by asking a new question like: “What if I want to have lunch?” », continues Miriam Daniel. “The maps will then suggest locations that match the environment you are looking for nearby. »


Google Maps’ new generative AI capabilities are powered by its Extended Language Models (LLM), which can generate text and suggestions from more than 250 million saved places and comments from more than 300 million contributors.

Launched this week as a preview for some Local Guides, they should be available to everyone soon.

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