iPhones should finally have their own generative AI

While many companies have gone all in on artificial intelligence, Apple has lagged a bit in this field, but it could very well come back strong later in the year with iOS 18.

Credits: Apple

According to its CEO Tim Cook, Apple may have big news to share about artificial intelligence later this year. In a conference call with analysts following the release of fiscal first-quarter results, Tim Cook said that Apple is investing heavily in AI and other technologies that will shape the future, and that he can’t wait to reveal more details later this year.

Cook’s comments suggest thatApple wants to compete with other technology giants, such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon and OpenAI, which work on cutting-edge AI models capable of generating text and images. These models, known as generative AI, have received a lot of attention and investment since 2022, when OpenAI has released ChatGPT.

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iPhones may be entitled to a homemade chatbot

Apple typically announces new software features in June at its annual developer conference, WWDC. Last year, Apple introduced an autocorrect feature for the iPhone keyboard that uses a language model. However, Apple did not use the term “artificial intelligence” during the presentation, preferring the more academic term “machine learning”.

Cook didn’t specify what type of AI announcement he was referring to, but said he sees a big opportunity for Apple with generative AI and AI in general. He also made it clear that he did not want to speak out and reveal too much. However, rumors are already circulating about what Apple may have in store for its next software update, iOS 18, which should be released later this year. According to some reports, iOS 18 could be the “biggest” software update in iPhone history, with many AI features included.

Among them, we can mainly mention improvements for Siri, Messages, Apple Music, Pages and even Xcode. Of course, nothing is confirmed until Apple officially announces these new features. We should know more soon, anyway.

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