Remake relies on Retco and AI for investment analysis

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The management company Redo entered into a partnership with Retco, a PropTech incubated at Estação F and an AI specialist serving professionals in the real estate sector. Remake intends to rely on this PropTech to “strengthen the management of its business flow and real estate data”, detail the two players in a press release.

Retco allows real estate professionals to source, analyze and manage their investment opportunities with just a few clicks. “As a SaaS solution, we offer a complete platform to manage business flow, centralize data and collaborate securely with partners in the real estate sector”, explains PropTech.

“By integrating investment opportunities in PDF or email format into our platform, our AI extracts all key asset information, including rental status and comparables, in less than two minutes,” continues Retco. “This data is then used to generate insights into the pipeline and create a complete asset identity record. This automatic process not only quickly centralizes all essential information, but also automatically updates it over time. Thus, investors benefit from faster decision-making and better management of their real estate portfolio”, explains PropTech, among other things.

Youssef Nadim, CEO of Retco, adds: “We are pleased to collaborate with Remake, a management company that shares our commitment to innovation in the real estate sector. This partnership strengthens Retco’s position as a leader in artificial intelligence serving real estate professionals. Remake’s valuable support is recognition of our hard work and additional motivation to continue innovating. »

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