security, innovation, sovereignty and performance”

The year 2024 will mark strong progress in the appropriation of the cloud by public organizations. Based on the “Cloud at the center” doctrine, cloud technologies support transformation projects with an approach that addresses issues of security, innovation, sovereignty and performance of public services.

This transformation leads to several reflections:
– What opportunities do we have ahead of us?
– What perception do public servants have of the cloud?
– What are the difficulties to overcome and the steps to follow to achieve a transformation of the “cloud” in accordance with the State’s doctrine?
– What “human” support for full ownership by agents and their managers?

It is this global reflection based on the State’s “Cloud at the Center” doctrine that led us at Veritas to offer a webinar on January 25, 2024, in association with Acteurs Publics Solutions, to discuss these issues, while also recalling some principles and advice.

The complementary point of view of the experts gathered at the table made it possible to highlight that:
– Before being sovereign, the cloud must be trustworthy,
– The notion of sovereignty necessarily implies other dimensions and particularly that of citizens,
– The principle of shared responsibility in the cloud remains fundamental,
– The end user, whether professional or simple cloud user, is always responsible for their data.

Furthermore, a survey carried out before this round table clarified the perception that public service agents have of the Cloud doctrine at the center of the State.

In the interviewed panel*, the conclusions reveal that:
– The doctrine is not clear enough for 74% of respondents,
– 68% of respondents consider the cloud essential to transform and modernize public services
– 44% of respondents think that the main factor for success in a transformation to the cloud is firstly adapted technologies, followed by team support (23%), management involvement (20%) and, finally, skills development (13%)

It is clear that these questions are at the heart of current concerns, given the large number of participants who followed this webinar and the many questions that were asked live.

Find the replay of the webinar broadcast on January 25, 2024:

*source Acteurs Publics, survey carried out with 308 public servants (from January 10th to 24th)

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