“These three applications are essential to enjoy maximum functionality”, according to two Free experts

Improve your Freebox experience with 3 apps

This Tuesday, January 30th, Free was launched with great fanfare your new Freebox: the Freebox Ultra. Available in an Essential version with fewer streaming services, this new premium subscription is clearly the Rolls-Royce of the internet box. And according to two free app experts, can be even more interesting thanks to well-thought-out applications: “These three apps are essential to make the most of the functionality“.

Before talking more about these applications, it is important to know that the tools we are going to talk about are also available with other free boxesso there is no need to subscribe to Freebox Ultra to benefit from it!

Freebox Connect, without a doubt the most important application

Having a free internet box is good. But what’s the point of using it without having one truly intuitive application make the most of all your resources? The first application we would like to introduce to you is the Freebox Connect application. “Freebox Connect, it is undeniable to install it on your smartphone“, guarantees a specialist in Free Applications.

Rated 4.5/5 on the App Store, this application is clearly appreciated by its users. But why ? “Freebox Connect is the application that allows you to control almost everything on your box“, continues the expert.”You have friends? Just share your Wi-Fi QR code so they can quickly connect. Do you want to control your children’s screen time? Easily cut the connection on devices connected to the Freebox network.

Freebox Connect is also a tool that allows diagnose problems that could damage your internet connection. “In short, for me Freebox Connect is an essential application if you want to make the most of the functionality of your internet box“, concludes the expert.

Freebox subscriber area, all your practical information in one place

I don’t want to repeat what my colleague said, but the Freebox Subscriber Area app is also essential when you have a Free box“, smiles the second Applications specialist. According to the specialist, it is the app to have on your smartphone to carry out all your procedures AND take advantage of the services offered free of charge to Freebox subscribers.

The Freebox Subscriber Area application will be useful to you especially if you need:

  • Manage, view and download your invoices
  • Find an answer to your question with personalized support and help articles
  • Track your order for a new Wi-Fi repeater or your new free box in real time
  • See free stores near your home

Freebox files: “a differentiating and free service

We end with another free app that may be useful in your daily life: Freebox Files. “At Free we offer a differentiating and free service with Freebox Files“, specifies the free expert.”Through this application, users can have access to a hard drive that allows them to store their data easily and quickly.

Of course, this is a specific need, but it can always be interesting to have a storage space in your box, which you can access from anywhere. “This free app is aimed at even the most tech-savvy, with the ability to download files via classic download links or via torrent“, welcomes the specialist.

IF at least one of these apps appealed to you, Freebox Files, Freebox Connect and the Freebox Subscriber Area are obviously available for free on the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

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