Windows 10, applications no longer work on old computers

Windows 10 appears to be suffering from a problematic bug. Numerous reports on official Microsoft forums highlight a critical issue on some Windows 10 computers. A glitch makes it impossible to launch applications. The operation results in the error “File system error (-2147219196)”.

It all started when a user reported a problem with images in Windows 10. In his intervention he explained that he was a victim of the above error when trying to open his photos with the Photos application. Quickly other testimonies enriched this discussion. In each case we find the same symptom. However, it affects other apps like Calculator, Movies & TV, 3D Viewer or Feedback Hub (which is annoying to report the issue).

Windows 10 and the application crashing bug

At the time of writing, Microsoft has not acknowledged the bug. However, the company takes some time before positioning itself. Therefore, it is not possible to conclude. Investigations are necessary.

According to The register It is possible that recent updates to these applications have introduced instructions not supported by older processors. This is possible because an analysis of the different interventions shows that in many cases the PC uses “dated” hardware. It is not uncommon to see references like Athlon and Core 2 Duo.

Microsoft regularly updates certain Windows apps through its Store. The approach is commendable because it allows you not to wait for an operating system release to benefit from fixes and new features. All of these little people can be deployed as soon as they become available. Applications such as calendar, photos and calculator received this update in January 2024.

While you wait to learn more, it’s advisable that you have a Windows 10 PC running Windows Vista-era hardware to pause automatic updates.

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