After being accused of plagiarism, it is Palword’s turn to be copied by these different mobile applications

From the top 19 million copies sold in less than two weeks, Palworld It’s on everyone’s lips, but many haven’t had the chance to play it yet. Be careful, however, with fake copies of the game circulating…

Everyone wants to play Palworld, but the survival game isn’t available everywhere!

Great success at the beginning of the year, Palworld literally overwhelmed the streaming platform Twitch, making millions of gamers want to follow suit. Still in early access, the only problem is that you need to have a PC or an Xbox console to play! Owners of Nintendo Switch, PS5 and even a “bad” computer therefore currently do not have the possibility to get their hands on the survival game where you can capture monsters like in Pokemon.

This is why many Internet users were fooled into thinking that Palworld was available on mobile devices. In fact, copies of the title are circulating on iOS and Android stores, but they are obviously not the real game. This trend isn’t new: every time a game is a hit (we think of the Suika game on Switch as a recent example), smart developers are trying to lure people into mobile versions that are actually just copies.

Pocket Pair warns against fakes on cell phones

If the company itself is accused of plagiarism by many Internet users, Pokémon fans or not, and even employees in the world of video games, Pocket Pair explained on social media that it was necessary to be careful with these copies of Palworld that go so far as to use the name and logo of the real game.

There is no Palworld app for phones. Applications using product names and images such as “Palworld” appear on the AppStore and Google Play, but are in no way affiliated with our company. We have reported this issue to Apple, which operates the App Store, and Google, which operates Google Play. We draw your attention to the fact that downloading these applications may result in the leakage of personal information stored on your smartphone or fraud.

pocket pair


With the immense success of the title, we now wonder if Palworld, the real one, will one day reach other platforms. The most likely release seems to be on PS5, but who knows, maybe Switch and mobile will receive the survival game once its final version is completed?

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