Arrested for a fake “deepfake” video conference, employee transfers US$25 million to scammers

In Hong Kong, an employee of a multinational carried out transactions worth 25 million dollars at the request of his superior during a video conference with several colleagues. Problem, other than that, all participants in this meeting were created by artificial intelligence for a coup.

A deepfake “presidential coup” cost a Hong Kong multinational $25 million. The employee just thought he was obeying the orders of his financial director who, during a video conference with other company employees, asked him for this huge transfer of money. Problem, besides him, all the participants in this meeting were created by a artificial intelligence (IA).

“During this video conference with several people, it turned out that all the people except him were fake but appeared larger than life,” chief superintendent Baron Chan Shun-ching told state broadcaster. RTHK of the city.

It is therefore natural that this employee carried out around fifteen transactions in five different bank accounts, totaling 200 million Hong Kong dollars, or 25 million US dollars.

“They all seemed real”, defended the employee.

An operation carried out by professionals

He connected to this meeting after receiving an email invitation from his UK-based director. When he received this email, he thought it was phishing, but was reassured to see that colleagues he knew were present in this video conference.

The coup was carried out with true professionalism, according to investigators. For months, scammers allegedly downloaded videos of employees at this multinational that they used, making them say whatever they wanted by imitating their voices using an AI. The employee who made the transfers discovered the problem by calling colleagues after this meeting.

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This blow deepfake it is not the first time. In 2019, the manager of a British company that is a subsidiary of a German group transferred 220 thousand euros to Hungary after a phone call from his boss. At the end of the line, a scammer whose voice was imitated by an AI, explained the WSJ the company’s insurance company.

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