Lydia, Paylib, Apple Pay… How to use mobile payment apps

Mobile payment apps have become widely available in recent years. Firstly, they bring a practical promise: they allow you to settle transactions without having to physically remove your credit card and without fees: ideal for payments between friends or family.

They also guarantee a higher level of security because you need to be authenticated to pay or transfer money, which is not the case with contactless payment, for example

These tools have become essential with the pandemic and the obligation to interrupt social interactions. But they have not yet completely convinced the French: it is estimated thatthey are used by 2 or 3 French people out of 10 today.

In this new episode of “The Digital Golden Rule”, we explain how to distinguish mobile payment from contactless payment, what this implies in terms of maximum limits and security measures. We also go back to several scams linked to the use of these solutions and give keys to protect yourself.

Finally, we explain what they are the differences between Lydia and Paylib, the two most popular apps of its kind, while we await the arrival of Wero in the coming weeks.

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