NRF 2024: Under the sign of AI

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Few booths escaped the artificial intelligence revolution at the Jarvis Center, where the world’s largest retail technology show was held in mid-January. Between personalization for customers, demand forecasting and logistics optimization, algorithms support new consumer trends. By Jean-Bernard Gallois

After two years without snow, the flakes fell on New York during the 109th edition of the National Retail Federation’s big show, which took place from January 14th to 16th. The spectacle of nature was accompanied by the Jarvis Center, among the 1,700 stands with a strong technological trend and around 200 conferences, which began with a talk by John Furner, CEO of Walmart. The head of the distributor with a turnover of €567 billion in 2022 outlined the challenges brands face for the year 2024. He encourages the adoption of omnichannel optimization by integrating all existing customer interaction channels, ensuring that work together to create a seamless customer experience. Another need is to update technology, eliminating outdated systems such as organizational intranets or email systems that are not externally connected. The third challenge is communicating with team members, both in stores and on a larger scale. Finally, the fourth challenge relates to the ongoing training needs of staff to present winning customer acquisition strategies and the technological support that accompanies them.

Generative AI and robotics on the menu New developments around artificial intelligence and in particular generative AI or robotics were numerous among the exhibitors. “The first revolution, the Internet, created data, the second, AI, made it possible to analyze this data and predict consumer behavior. Generative AI will enable commerce to be individualized,” comments Matthieu Jolly, head of innovation and services at L’Échangeur BNP Paribas Personal Finance (See below). The approximately 40,000 visitors to the event were able to discover YesPlz, the online virtual fashion assistant and stylist with ChatGPT and the multiple uses of generative AI: the creation and industrialization of marketing content and visual production. Many people gathered around Apptronik’s booth to watch the Apollo humanoid robot moving crates, crates and boxes weighing up to 25 kg, Arht Media’s interactive holograms or even Trollee’s connected cart, based on AI that provides the store with information very detailed customer preferences and their purchasing journey on the shelves. Gadgets or future trends? Brands will tell you this. At a time when American brands are removing self-checkouts from their stores due to frequent robberies, French start-ups were planning to obtain their first position or reinforce their presence on the American continent.

French NRF Party During the traditional NRF French Festival, which takes place the day before the opening of the fair, the 42 companies selected by Business France came together to “present” their solutions during informal conversations with French distribution leaders, who are more easily accessible. in

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