Caussade. Concrete applications of Apprentis d’Auteuil

the essential
Become part of the local landscape as a full-fledged actor by establishing strong ties with local associations and businesses.

On the occasion of the Open Days operation organized on Saturday morning at the Campus Sain-Lubin of the Apprentis d’Auteuil de Caussade, visitors were able to discover all the systems existing at the establishment: the campus and its teams, training, local integration, the Fab-Lab, the welding and plasma cutting station, etc. Director Benoît Content presented the organizational chart of the structure and the different courses offered to students in the areas of construction and welding, according to a personalized training course that adapts to the needs of each individual. In the program: CAP Metallurgist by apprenticeship; Production of CAP industrial boilers, welding option; BAC for metalwork construction; Building maintenance agent with professional title; Carpenter installer with professional title. The Saint-Lubin campus also offers general education (mathematics, French, sports, etc.) as well as French as a foreign language (FLE). The “Les Rayonnants” workshop and integration project offers support and professional activity to job seekers, training them in bicycle repair and recycling, without prerequisites.

A memory tree in the making

The first professional bachelor’s degree class in metallurgy at the Saint-Lubin des Apprentis d’Auteuil campus is working, with the town hall of Septfonds and the support of ONACVG, on a memorial tree project that will have the children’s names on its leaves. Jews deported from the Septfonds camp, but also the memory of all those who were saved. With their literature, history and geography teacher, Bénédicte Veyrac, the students defined the characteristics of this tree with leaves of vine, walnut and poplar, but also the Montpellier maple, a symbol of independence and freedom. “Cut hollow to let light through, this tree will have no name to give it a timeless meaning compared to all the other genocides,” explains Joshua, one of the students. The tree is due to be installed at the end of March in Septfonds for an opening in May.

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