These 12 apps spy on all your conversations and data, uninstall them quickly

A new series of dangerous Android apps has been revealed by ESET cybersecurity researchers. This time, there are 12 of them that pose a real danger to their users. Some spy on every conversation, while others are able to steal personal data.

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This is a regular alert that should never be taken lightly. Several times a year, cybersecurity researchers meet to draw up a more or less long list of Android applications that infect smartphones with dangerous malware. Therefore, it is very important to check that none of them are installed on your smartphone, to ensure that your personal data is not at risk.

It’s about time the first list of dangerous apps of 2024 arrived. We owe this last one to ESET researchers, who sounded the alarm on a dozen Android apps. Half of them are found in unsavory corners of the web, while others are installed directly from the Play Store. So don’t think that you are safe if you download your apps only on the Google platform.

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Here are the 12 dangerous Android apps for your smartphone

In fact, if the Play Store proves relatively effective in filtering dangerous applications, some manage to escape, which explains why Trojans are found in the store. Without further ado, here is the full list revealed by ESET researchers:

  • Chit Cat
  • BrilhoChat
  • Hello Cha
  • Let’s talk
  • Meet me
  • Nidus
  • Private conversation
  • Quick chat
  • Rafaqat
  • TikTok
  • YohooTalk
  • Chat Wave

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As always, don’t hesitate a second before uninstalling these apps if they are on your smartphone. ESET indicates that some of them are messengers, which therefore spy on their users’ conversations in addition to their contacts. Others intercept notifications and record phone calls and keyboard inputs, looking for username and password. Also note the news apps at the front, but they also siphon off a lot of personal data.

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