5 apps to identify birds

These tools will allow you to learn more about the birds you see, from their names to their way of life.

How to become a beginner ornithologist or at least recognize thebird that comes humming regularly on your windowsill window ? With the following five apps, it will be child’s play.

bird net

No less than 3,000 species ofbirds are recorded by this application that uses both theartificial intelligence and neural networks to identify sounds made by birds in the four corners of the planet. A type of Shazam » (a site that recognizes all the music broadcast around you) for birdsong.

Once you open the app, it records, through your smartphone’s microphone, the sound of a robin, for example, or another rarer bird, and a visual graph is displayed a few seconds later on your phone, allowing you to select the corresponding noise if several melodious sounds are identified at the same time.

The free application, developed by the ornithology laboratory at Cornell University (United States) and the Technological University of Chemnitz (Germany), recognizes the bird and provides additional information about it.

Available free of charge for iPhone, Android and web version.


A bird song you don’t know? CuiCuiMatique, a paid app, finds the answer simply when you press the red button displayed in the center of your smartphone screen and recording begins. After a few seconds of searching, the application displays various information: the name of the “artist”, his color photograph, as well as the soundtrack of his singing, which can be heard more clearly and closely. The Apple Watch can also record sounds that you’ll want to know who made them later.

Available on iPhone.
Price: €3.99

Merlin Bird ID

Find the identity of the singer sitting on a branch using Merlin Bird ID. The investigation will be carried out quickly. After asking a few questions, the app provides a list of volatile corresponding to your answers. Once you have selected the corresponding species, you will have access to other photos of the “suspect”, its description as well as other complementary sounds.

If the bird is close to you, you can photograph it and send the photo so that Merlin Bird ID can search its database (which has more than 40,000 portraits from around the world) and identify it. You can also add the location and date of filming for an even more accurate result.

The free application produced by the Cornell ornithology laboratory (United States) also allows you to discover other species present in the surrounding area and listen, out of curiosity, to more than 20,000 different songs and calls.

It is available in different languages: French, Afrikaans, German, English, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Danish, Spanish, Hebrew, Indonesian, Japanese, Malayalam, Marathi, Portuguese, Russian, Thai and Turkish.

Available for free for iPhone, Android and web version

Birds in your pocket

« 360 species ofbirds covering all of Europe. More than 1000 photos. 337 sounds. » Here’s what the Birds in Pocket app offers. Once the bird has been found, between one and four bird photographs are displayed on the screen, to show the differences that may exist, depending on the species in question, between the female and the male or whether the plumage is different depending on the species. species. station.

A descriptive sheet (order, family, size, weight, situation, etc.) is accompanied, in most sheets, by an audio track. It is also possible to perform a search based on different selection criteria (name, family, species). A “Wizard” tab also allows you to select the shape of different parts of the bird’s body (beak shape, neck, feet, crest, coat).

Available for iPhone, Android.
Price : €4.99

Bird memory

Birdie Memory is an application that uses augmented reality for fun and educational purposes: learning to recognize birds and their songs from recordings from the British Library in London and the Natural History Museum in Berlin.

Just hover your smartphone in front of the image (posters, books, postcards) and it comes to life like a real bird. Furthermore, it is possible, with the “Memory” mode, in the form of quiz, to find out which bird the song proposed by Birdie Memory belongs to. There are twelve levels of progressive difficulty to become a true expert.

Available free of charge for iPhone, Android and web version.

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