NBA and MLB launch apps for Apple Vision Pro

Last week, Apple launched its new immersive reality headset, the Vision Pro. This device is described as a “spatial computer”, using multiple visual, audio, voice and touch inputs to create an “infinite canvas”, enabling apps to go beyond traditional screens and deliver entirely new immersive experiences.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) and Major League Baseball (MLB), two organizations recognized for their technological advancement in global sport, are among the first to support this new device. The NBA has updated its app to support up to five games simultaneously, live or on-demand, with modules that show real-time player and team statistics as well as scores from other games.

For its part, MLB is preparing a dedicated version of its app for VisionOS that promises an unprecedented level of customization. Users will be immersed in a virtual stadium with enhanced three-dimensional data visualizations powered by live ball tracking data.

Furthermore, The default MLB app can be layered on top of other apps when using Vision Pro. MLB is also working on a dedicated feature set for its direct-to-consumer streaming platform, MLB.TV.

Since 2008, MLB has been a pioneer in developing sports apps for the iPhone and also served as an example during the launch of the iPad and Apple TV.

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