Here are your favorite apps

For example, in 2021, during confinement, in the Top 10 applications was TousAntiCovid. Well, yes, we had no choice… There was also Doctolib, well, yes, because we all had Covid. But also social media because we had to keep busy, Vinted and Shein to order clothes at home, and UberEats to deliver food.

In 2022, poof, TousAntiCovid disappears from the Top 10 most downloaded apps. Waze, the GPS app is making its big debut. Well yes, because we had the right to move again! Lidl Plus enters the Top 10, because it’s inflation and we don’t have any more money. The messaging service Telegram also enters the Top 10.

For 2023, here again we find the classics: Instagram, TikTok, Whatsapp…But there are a lot of new kids. Now Threads, Mark Zuckerberg’s new social network that wants to compete with Twitter. But there are also GPT Chat, because casually, artificial intelligence intrigues you. I also discovered Temu, a Chinese online shopping site that sells lots of trinkets at low prices. There, I judge you strongly, stop buying plastic poop. We already have everything we need on Earth!

And the most surprising thing is that a little game debuted! Watermelon game! The watermelon game. Personally, I’ve never played it, but everyone talks about it on Twitch. Basically, it’s a kind of puzzle with cute fruits. Like the market gardener’s Tetris.

So, in short, last year you were very connected to artificial intelligence, social networks, games and Chinese websites. It was Fanny the Internet Weasel live from your smartphones, I’ll give the air back to you studios.

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