here is how you can communicate with other messaging services

WhatsApp will soon become interoperable with other competing messaging apps such as iMessage or Telegram to comply with the EU Digital Markets Act. See how this will work in practice.


Sending a message from WhatsApp to iMessage is a dream come true. We already spoke to you in September, when the European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) came into force. Since then, the legislation has been gradually implemented, with a series of consequences, each one more enormous than the last, namely the ability to install applications outside of the App Store on the iPhone.

WhatsApp makes its app compatible with other messaging services

Whatsapp is now working on the technical aspects. As ordering the interoperability of messaging applications is one thing, establishing effective communications is another. Each application works with its own protocols, its own code and it is a heavy task that now falls to your teams. work WhatsApp with iMessage, Signal or Telegram.

In an interview with Wired, WhatsApp engineering director Dick Brouwer explains how interoperability will work in practice. The messaging technician indicates that WhatsApp will first be able to send text messages, images, voice messages, videos and files to other applications such as iMessage.

Users will need to give their consent to activate the feature. If they opt for interoperability, they will receive messages from other platforms in a new section of their inbox. A priori, this will work just as well in mobile applications as in WhatsApp for web and desktop.

WhatsApp management questions the security of its competitors

However, everything will depend on the support of other companies like Apple. Concerns remain about how WhatsApp will keep messages encrypted when they start arriving on other services. In fact, according to Mark Zuckerberg, WhatsApp is “much more private and secure” than iMessageFor example.

WhatsApp would like all other messaging services to use same signal encryption protocol. Its parent company Meta is also open to other encryption protocols, as long as these applications can prove “that meet the security standards described by WhatsApp in its guidelines“.

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Additionally, third-party services will also need to sign a contract with Meta before connecting to WhatsApp. “There is a real tension between providing an easy way to offer this interoperability to third parties while maintaining the privacy, security and integrity of WhatsApp.“, explains Dick Brouwer to Wired.

Insofar as “concierge”designated by the DMA, Meta theoretically has until March to comply with the law. WhatsApp, however, has “several months”to implement the change and the app plans to tell you more about its plans next month.

  • According to the DMA, WhatsApp must become interoperable with competing messaging services.
  • Users will be able to opt for this feature which still raises questions about its security.
  • The function will appear as a new section in the inbox.

Source: Wired

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