Play Store no longer shows updates for system apps, bug or feature?

For several days now, the Google Play Store has been displaying strange behavior on the page dedicated to updates. In fact, system apps no longer appear even when a new version is available. If automatic updates are enabled, this should not be a problem. But otherwise…

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If the Play Store is undoubtedly the best app store for Android, it’s not just for downloading new games or services for your smartphone. It is also an essential hub that brings together all available updates. A particularly practical hub, as it allows you to install all the latest versions of your applications with just one click. As long as it works correctly.

In fact, it looks like a small issue is hitting Google Play. This page dedicated to updates has suddenly decided to no longer display new versions of system apps. The latter are the ones affected, as third-party applications appear normally and can be updated without problems. One has to wonder if this isn’t actually an intentional change on Google’s part.

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Unable to update system apps from Play Store

After all, this behavior appeared several weeks ago, as noted by our colleagues at 9to5Google who have already noticed the phenomenon for the Settings Services and Google Wi-Fi Provisioner applications, without Google communicating about the matter. Furthermore, as these apps are relatively obscure to most users, some are certainly reluctant to update them when they appear on the hub, which could have led the Mountain View company to simply remove them.

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But several clues still seem to point to the bug. In particular, the Play Store triggers a notification when an update is available. However, when clicking on it, the application in question does not appear on the screen, which is still strange. Not to mention that users who do not activate automatic updates will be particularly harmed, in addition to potentially putting their smartphone at risk.

Source: 9to5Google

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