YouTube will come to Apple Vision Pro: Google is convinced

The Apple Vision Pro was launched just a few days ago and already seems to convince app developers, not just any app developer. Google said it was working on a YouTube app for visionOS, without specifying a date.

Apple Vision Pro // Source: Chloé Pertuis – Frandroid

During launch Apple Vision Pro (which we got)there is no less than 600 apps available on the App Store. However, some of the most famous apps are not available: Spotify is one of them, Amazon I didn’t want to put Main video, just like Netflix. More generally, applications of goal as well as those of Google Not Available. But the latter confided to On the edge changed his mind: YouTube will arrive, of course, in the Vision Pro.

YouTube: ” a Vision Pro app is on our roadmap »

The statement comes from an answer given to On the edge by Jessica Gibby, YouTube spokesperson. She says she wants to ensure that YouTube users “ enjoy a great Safari experience “. But the video sharing service wants to go further with a native app. All without specifying its plans further: no particular launch date.

In fact, YouTube could easily bring its app to Vision Pro. Litter created an application portability tooliPadOS toward OS vision. It doesn’t seem very complicated, so take the YouTube app to iPad to adapt it to Vision Pro.

However, the journalist On the edge Nilay Patel recalls that a developer created an application, Juno, to watch YouTube videos from a mixed reality headset. This app sells for $5 on the App Store and has had some success. A success that would encourage Google to finally launch its own app.

YouTube 360° videos on Vision Pro: seems complicated

Since 2011, YouTube has supported 3D videos, and since 2016, 360° videos. If they are not very popular today (but are still present), these features could naturally come to Vision Pro. This could make it possible to relaunch these specific formats. However, in the words of Jackie Roy, Apple spokesperson, these types of videos may never happen.

According to her, ” Most of this content was created for devices that do not provide a high-quality spatial experience. In some cases, this content can also cause discomfort when moving. » This seems quite logical: the $3,500 Apple Vision Pro is a high-end product that you buy alongside a computer. Apple wants to prioritize experiences Award, especially with its space videos and 3D movies on Apple TV. For its part, YouTube has not yet responded.

Source: Apple

As for Apple’s WebXR standard, which allows VR-optimized content to be displayed in Safari, the brand continues to work on it. For the moment, ” it doesn’t take full advantage of the powerful performance and interaction features of Apple Vision Pro and visionOS “.

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