Android users beware! These conditions may block your APKs

To prevent installation of corrupt APKs, Android blocks them if downloaded outside of the Play Store and requires certain specific authorizations. Google wants to strengthen the security of its ecosystem.

  • In Singapore, Android blocks APKs that request certain permissions
  • Google wants to prevent the installation of corrupted apps
  • This role is currently reserved for Singapore

Malware does not attack than our PCs. With the advent of smartphones, our daily companions are targeted as they are full of very confidential information. Android is the second to protect users with blocking the installation of apps outside the Play Store if certain authorizations are requested.

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Android blocks APK installation if these permissions are requested

Google is well aware that Android is the target of various malware, mainly because it is possible to install APK files outside the Play Store. Hackers take advantage of these executables to hide capable viruses to steal your personal information or even your bank details. Sometimes they mine cryptocurrencies without your knowledge or display advertising. There are several types.

Faced with these corrupted APKs, Google blocks its installation outside the Play Store. Be careful, however, this is not a total blocking of all applications. The Mountain View company only does this under certain conditions. Android is testing this feature in Singapore and apps will be blocked if they request these permissions:

  • Possibility of recovering password or confirmation code received by SMS (RECEIVE_SMS)
  • The ability to issue remote commands or record keystrokes (Accessibility)
  • Authorization that allows a notification to be read or deleted without the user being informed (BIND_Notifications)
  • And finally, authorization to read the content of the SMS (READ_SMS)

This measure is necessary according to Google as 95% of applications require these permissions do not come from the Play Store. If one of them is requested during installation, the Android device displays an alert message to the user and blocks the procedure via Play Protect. Currently, Singapore benefits from this measure, but the Mountain View company has not indicated whether other countries will be eligible.

To protect yourself from malware, it’s best to avoid downloading and installing APKs from questionable or little-known sources. You are exposing yourself to great risk by not allowing Google to verify your applications. Of course, all apps outside the Play Store are not infected. But if in doubt, ignore it. Your personal security takes precedence over a simple app, no matter how cool it is.

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