Apple introduces AI to edit images using simple sentences

The MGIE model goes further in the proposed additions and can enrich the images with some contextual elements. In another example illustrated by Apple teams, we can see a photo of a very traditional pizza. When asking the tool to make the pizza healthier, the artificial intelligence will add vegetables to this pizza.

MGIE can finally make simpler modifications such as resizing, enlarging or zooming the image, as well as rotation.

If you are interested in testing this new technology, Apple offers a demo version on the web and available at this address. It is possible that in the future some of its tools will appear on the brand’s operating systems, such as macOS or iOS, through the Photos application.

We also know that 2024 should be the year of artificial intelligence for Apple, with a iOS 18 announced as a historic update. Siri or the Messages app could receive improvements linked to AI and would allow Apple to partially catch up to its competitors.

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