we can finally use an iPhone without iTunes, in 2024

Apple is releasing three new apps on Windows to replace iTunes on your PC. It’s almost the end of one of Apple’s oldest apps.

It’s the end of an era for Apple, which has been phasing out the iTunes brand in recent months. Last December, the iTunes Movies and iTunes TV Shows apps simply disappeared from the Apple TV.

And it is now on Windows that this transition is happening with the appearance of three new applications in the Microsoft Store.

Three Apple apps are coming to Windows

It was Rudy Huyn, the big man behind Microsoft Store apps and services, who announced the news on Twitter. After a long beta phase, Apple is releasing not one but three different apps on Windows 10 and 11 to (almost) replace iTunes on your PC.

Apple TV will allow you to access Apple VOD, including your previously purchased iTunes movies and shows, as well as the Apple TV+ streaming service. You’ll be able to manage your music library now on Apple Music and here on the subscription streaming service.

Finally, Apple Devices will allow you to manage your Apple device like iTunes did, to update it, backup or restore it, but also sync your data with your PC.

iTunes’ days are numbered

About the support page Regarding these three applications, Apple specifies that, once installed, iTunes will only be used to access your podcasts and audiobooks. We imagine that these two services will soon have their dedicated applications like on macOS.

However, the death of iTunes is not yet complete. Apple’s historic app will remain for all users whose PC doesn’t support these three new features, which concerns less than 5% of Windows users.

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