Guide to Essential Apps in Cambodia

Whether you’re a tourist for a few weeks or have the idea of ​​settling down more permanently, we’ve compiled a list of apps that should be on your smartphone during your stay in Cambodia. has separated the applications that have become more or less essential in the daily lives of those who live in Cambodia and do not intend to become an anchorite.

We classify them by theme

Registration for communication in Cambodia


Facebook is by far the most used communication app by everyone. Going through ministries, local authorities, the embassy and associations, everyone communicates on Facebook, even if each one has their own website. It was for a long time the preferred means of communication for Hun Sen, the previous prime minister who remained in office for 38 years, although in the end he had some disagreements with the social network.

The downside is that sometimes we can get lost because there is so much information and it is not always verified or serious.

Despite its flaws and limitations, Facebook remains the number 1 social network in Cambodia.


Telegram in Cambodia

In recent months, we have seen a boom in Telegram as a voice application, especially among Cambodians. They also use it to share photos and send files. It even happens that Cambodians stop checking their emails because Telegram has become their favorite channel.

The Barangs, still often linked to Whatsapp, are increasingly involved.

Registration to travel in Cambodia

Passapp and Grab

PassApp in Cambodia

There was clearly a before and after PASSAPP and GRAB.

Before, when we wanted to go somewhere, especially at night, we often had to explain things in Khmering-English to the tuk tuk driver, sometimes arranging a time and often negotiating the price. We all had a few phone numbers of drivers we were connected to who knew our habits. And we prayed that they would be available when we needed them.

take Cambodia

With geolocation, advance pricing and 24-hour availability, your applications have become essential.

Some claim that Passapp is more popular in Siem Reap and Grab in Phnom Penh, but we didn’t notice any difference.


Cambodia Cambodia

This app allows you to book bus tickets and taxis between different cities in Cambodia. Ferries are also planned. Very practical


GO2 in Cambodia

The latest addition to the services offered for getting around Phnom Penh, Go2 offers a cheap electric scooter rental service. We pick them up from certain locations throughout the capital and can leave them anywhere. Helmets are provided.

Legal applications for Cambodia

Cambodia e-Arrival, an electronic arrival card to enter Cambodia

The latest applications that will enter service on January 1, 2024 and will be mandatory in 2024. They should replace the small forms we fill out on the plane and allow faster data processing. about Android Or Apple Store


FPCS - GDI Cambodia

Any foreigner residing in Cambodian territory must be registered with the Cambodian authorities. For tourists, your hotelier takes care of this, and for residents, your landlord should do it. But does he always do this? Mainly because this registration is essential for visa renewal.

This app allows you to do it yourself.

There is a tutorial to explain how to do this. It’s in Khmer, but it’s very educational.

Be careful not to skip the verification steps.

Driving Rules 2

    Driving rules in Cambodia

Update on Cambodia’s road code. In Khmer and English

There are even English tests to find out your level.

Apps for eating out in Cambodia

Nham 24 and Food Panda

nham24 Cambodia

Cambodia Panda Food

Two apps that let you get what you like, wherever you are. Very large selection.

To search for

Cambodia wanted

Want to eat shallot steak in Phnom Penh? Tandori chicken in Siem Reap or stuffed frogs in Kep? Seekdish lets you easily find restaurants near you that will satisfy your cravings. Present for just one month in the kingdom. the application already has 400 partner restaurants. Easy to use.

An app to buy in Cambodia


Delishop Cambodia

Very practical when you can’t or don’t want to leave the house. Delishop is certainly not the only app, but it is run by French people who have the good taste to remember if your favorite brand of sausage is out of stock and offer you another one.

Apps for leisure in Cambodia


bikemap Cambodia

Strava allows you to track your runs and bike rides via GPS, participate in challenges, share photos of your activities, and follow your friends. It is used by 80% of Cambodian cyclists.

Ouk Chaktrang

Ouk Chaktrang

Allows you to play Cambodian chess with other players in real time. The game doesn’t explain the rules, so you need to know how to play.


Weather Bug Cambodia

An application that locates storms in real time. Practical when you have to travel privately by motorbike. Storms are sometimes so localized that it might be a good idea to check the weather on the other side of town before venturing there.

Airvisual Plume

Feather Airvisual Cambodia

Analyzes air quality. Can be recommended before running

Applications to manage your money in Cambodia

Electronic payment systems are multiplying in Cambodia.

Created in Cambodia

Each bank obviously has its application. We will mention just two. ABA because it is the most widespread and Bred because it is very popular among the French.



ZappTax Cambodia

Zapptax makes it easy to benefit from tax benefits when purchasing items in France.

Application for visiting Cambodia

Easy Cambodia

Easy Cambodia

Your personal travel guide to discover the hidden gems of this magnificent country.

Easy Cambodia is the perfect companion for anyone planning to visit Cambodia and locals alike, whether for leisure, business, adventure or tourism. With a comprehensive list of the best places, attractions and activities in Phnom Penh.

I invite residents to let us know in the comments which applications they consider essential in Cambodia and which we did not mention. The experience of some should benefit others.

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