GARD Orange supports mayors in cybersecurity

Partner of the Gard mayors’ association, Orange supports the department’s city halls on cybersecurity issues.

On February 14th, in Saint-Privat-des-Vieux, the association of mayors of Gard is organizing mid-term workshops for all elected officials for the 2020-2026 term. Orange is a partner in this event and will speak about topics related to cybersecurity.

For Armando Melim, director of relations with local authorities at Orange in Gard: “These workshops strengthen Orange’s proximity to communities and aim to give them the keys to decipher the cybersecurity challenges of today and tomorrow.” In fact, 42% of cyberattacks target local authorities and an estimated 30% of communities experienced an attack in 2020.

The workshops are organized with Mairie 2000 as part of a partnership between the Association of Mayors of France and several partners, including Orange. The one-hour Cyber ​​Security workshop is co-organized by Orange and SMACL, the local authority’s insurer, and aims to provide solutions to elected officials in terms of protecting equipment and data against cyber attacks.

During these workshops, Orange and SMACL experts will discuss and answer all participants’ questions with the agenda: what cybersecurity covers, the main threats today, new data protection regulations and the first actions to take to protect yourself.

These workshops embody and reinforce the commitment of Orange, a local player, to making digital technology accessible to everyone. They are an illustration of Orange’s close collaboration in all territories with the association of mayors of the Gard department and all local authorities.

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