a form for victims to lodge a complaint is available on the Ministry of the Interior website

The Ministry of the Interior is launching an online form to submit a complaint for theft of personal data following the cyber attack that occurred at the end of January on the two third-party payment service providers, Viamédis and Almérys. Published on 02/13/2024 10:32 pm Reading time: 1 minute There is an online form to … Read more

In Rennes, training in web development professions reserved for women

Digital careers training center Simplon offers a new pre-qualification SAS for web development careers reserved for women. “The objective of this six-week pre-qualifying training is to participate in the diversification and feminization of profiles in the digital sector. The action is entirely financed by the Region of Brittany and Pôle Emploi, which will allow people … Read more

Microsoft introduces new Visual Studio 2022 17.9 features for C++ developers and brings several productivity and performance improvements

Microsoft is pleased to announce that Visual Studio 2022 version 17.9 is now available. New features in this release for the C++ language are summarized below. Standard library Microsoft continues to improve the implementation of its open source standard library and thanks everyone who contributed features and fixes. You can find all changes in the … Read more

Is your business under threat?

An omnipresent cyber danger Cybercrime does not distinguish its targets by their size. The story of the company André Laurent, affected by a fraudulent email, highlights an alarming reality: no company is safe. Despite the feeling of security due to its small size, the company suffered damage that could have been fatal without the security … Read more

why Angevin Nameshield bought Montpellier Merox

Le groupe Nameshield, spécialisé dans la gestion et la protection des noms de domaines sur internet, rachète la startup montpelliéraine Merox, experte dans le domaine de la cybersécurité et de la protection des messageries.

In March 2021, in a context of increasing cyber attacks around the world, the founders of the company Devensys Cybersecurity (intrusion testing and cloud and infrastructure security), based in Montpellier – Léo Gonzalès, Alexandre Marguerite and Joffrey Nurit – created the company Merox, named after the software solution developed around email and domain name security. … Read more

AI in 2024 ushers in a new dynamic in cybersecurity

With the continued evolution of artificial intelligence and quantum computing, 2024 is poised to see significant advancements as organizations increasingly adopt and innovate using these cutting-edge technologies. However, this technological advancement is accompanied by an increase in sophisticated cyber threats. A significant concern is the misuse of generative artificial intelligence by malicious actors – or … Read more

American cyberwar: digital interference, espionage and fake news


A US Army cyber command. DR By Abdelkader S. – The United States continues to engage in cyber espionage against sovereign states. The American secret services have created a complex system, supported by new information and communication technologies, of which they are absolute masters through GAFAM, these Internet giants called “the sixth continent”, given their … Read more

GARD Orange supports mayors in cybersecurity

Partner of the Gard mayors’ association, Orange supports the department’s city halls on cybersecurity issues. On February 14th, in Saint-Privat-des-Vieux, the association of mayors of Gard is organizing mid-term workshops for all elected officials for the 2020-2026 term. Orange is a partner in this event and will speak about topics related to cybersecurity. For Armando … Read more