Hosokawa Alpine secures your move to the cloud with zero trust

Alpine Hosokawa

Projects February 23, 2024 Alexander Kiffe, CIO of Hosokawa Alpine AG: During our move to the cloud, we opted for a cutting-edge model of security services, continuing the zero trust implementation already introduced at our network level. (Photo: Hosokawa Alpino) German powder processing and blown film manufacturer Hosokawa Alpine has migrated its applications and processes … Read more

Securing cloud infrastructure requires a new mindset

Given the important role that the cloud plays today in transforming organizations, its security represents a crucial concern. To anticipate and/or close security gaps, different stakeholders must jointly and without delay adopt a new mindset. The proliferation of attacks against cloud infrastructures and services creates a scenario in which the fates of cloud providers and … Read more

There is no ceasefire on the cybersecurity front

Clusif - Panocrim 2024 - La cybersécurité en 2023 a été bien agitée

The 24th edition of the Cybercrime Clusif Panorama takes stock of the turbulent year 2023. Ransomware attacks, attacks on cloud infrastructures, repeated disinformation campaigns: these threats are expected to continue to consume security teams in 2024. LockBit, Cl0p, HIVE, ALPHV (BlackCat), Lazarus, all these names of attacking groups marked the year 2023 with their malicious … Read more

Miro strengthens the security of your visual collaboration application

The Enterprise Guard suite allows business users to automatically identify and classify sensitive data and gives IT administrators greater control over encryption. Miro has unveiled a suite of security tools designed to help businesses protect sensitive data shared on its digital whiteboard app. The new Miro Enterprise Guard includes features to automate detection and classification … Read more

This Security Flaw Could Shut Down the Internet Globally

Cybersecurity researchers have discovered a flaw that could paralyze much of the global web with a single attack. The vulnerability affects a popular protocol associated with DNS. Credits: 123RF LE hacking is not always aimed at stealing personal information, money or strategic intelligence. Sometimes hackers just want to paralyze… Continue reading This security flaw…

“We can say we beheaded them”

Jean-Philippe Lecouffe, Deputy Executive Director for Operations at Europol, discusses the international police operation carried out against LockBit, which specializes in ransomware attacks. Published on 02/20/2024 6:31 pm Reading time: 4 minutes Jean-Philippe Lecouffe, Deputy Executive Director for Operations at Europol, in June 2021. (JERRY LAMPEN/ANP VIA AFP) An international police operation to “hack hackers” … Read more

Cloud (in)security: the 5 trends to watch in 2024

The cloud security landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Generative AI, sovereignty, data confidentiality, interoperability, hybrid cloud, influence of geopolitical events, etc. There are so many factors that will shake and impact the cloud industry in 2024. This new year will be a crucial period for companies and nation states. And as proof: … Read more

Software Security Debt Keeps Accumulating

Dans le rapport de Veracode, l

Defined as any vulnerability that persists unpatched for more than a year, enterprise software security debt remains critical, according to Veracode. A phenomenon reinforced by the generation of AI code that is often less secure. As in the IT field, debt issues address the topic of corporate cybersecurity. Veracode highlights this lesser-known issue that identifies … Read more

a form for victims to lodge a complaint is available on the Ministry of the Interior website

The Ministry of the Interior is launching an online form to submit a complaint for theft of personal data following the cyber attack that occurred at the end of January on the two third-party payment service providers, Viamédis and Almérys. Published on 02/13/2024 10:32 pm Reading time: 1 minute There is an online form to … Read more

Is your business under threat?

An omnipresent cyber danger Cybercrime does not distinguish its targets by their size. The story of the company André Laurent, affected by a fraudulent email, highlights an alarming reality: no company is safe. Despite the feeling of security due to its small size, the company suffered damage that could have been fatal without the security … Read more