why Angevin Nameshield bought Montpellier Merox

Le groupe Nameshield, spécialisé dans la gestion et la protection des noms de domaines sur internet, rachète la startup montpelliéraine Merox, experte dans le domaine de la cybersécurité et de la protection des messageries.

In March 2021, in a context of increasing cyber attacks around the world, the founders of the company Devensys Cybersecurity (intrusion testing and cloud and infrastructure security), based in Montpellier – Léo Gonzalès, Alexandre Marguerite and Joffrey Nurit – created the company Merox, named after the software solution developed around email and domain name security. … Read more

AI in 2024 ushers in a new dynamic in cybersecurity

With the continued evolution of artificial intelligence and quantum computing, 2024 is poised to see significant advancements as organizations increasingly adopt and innovate using these cutting-edge technologies. However, this technological advancement is accompanied by an increase in sophisticated cyber threats. A significant concern is the misuse of generative artificial intelligence by malicious actors – or … Read more

American cyberwar: digital interference, espionage and fake news


A US Army cyber command. DR By Abdelkader S. – The United States continues to engage in cyber espionage against sovereign states. The American secret services have created a complex system, supported by new information and communication technologies, of which they are absolute masters through GAFAM, these Internet giants called “the sixth continent”, given their … Read more

GARD Orange supports mayors in cybersecurity

Partner of the Gard mayors’ association, Orange supports the department’s city halls on cybersecurity issues. On February 14th, in Saint-Privat-des-Vieux, the association of mayors of Gard is organizing mid-term workshops for all elected officials for the 2020-2026 term. Orange is a partner in this event and will speak about topics related to cybersecurity. For Armando … Read more

record year for ransomware, haunting global companies

According to the company Chainalysis, the amounts paid by victims reached “a record level” of 1.1 billion dollars in 2023. French authorities anticipate a considerable number of threats with the Paris Olympic Games. More numerous, more sophisticated and more expensive: attacks Ransomware Targeting companies registered a sharp increase in 2023, after a pause in 2022, … Read more


The first Cyber ​​​​Microsoft by Simplon school has opened in Rennes, in partnership with Metsys, Advens and the Roullier group. This training, which began on December 11, 2023, combines three months of intensive training and sixteen months of work-study training. It is open to job seekers without a degree. “The goal is to be inclusive … Read more

The 3rd edition of the Maghreb Cybersecurity and Cloud Expo: a flagship event for cybersecurity and cloud professionals

Express Radio is proud to announce the third edition of the Maghreb Cybersecurity and Cloud Expo (MCCE), which will take place on February 20th and 21st, 2024 at the Cité de la Culture, in Tunis. This edition continues the tradition of excellence established by previous editions, by offering a platform for exchange and innovation for … Read more

cybersecurity explained to students at the University of Corsica

An increasingly widespread phenomenon on the island and the continent, cybercrime represents an important topic for authorities who are working on new prevention methods. This week, training on “digital and cybersecurity issues” was organized at the University of Corsica. The head of security at the Airbus group organized a conference. Castelluccio Hospital, Corsica Ferries, Hydraulic … Read more

Identity Management and AI Adoption, Security Challenges in the Cloud Native Ecosystem


To protect themselves effectively, companies must integrate detection and response tools at all levels of the technology stack, including the cloud. This is the main source of its difficulties, because it involves filling the holes created by an inextricable overlap of technologies. In the increasingly complex and ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity, the changing dynamics of … Read more

OpenText Fortify Audit Assistant: Greater Accuracy, Expanded Coverage, and Optimized Vulnerability Detection


OpenText launches second generation of its cybersecurity audit technology to be showcased at inaugural summit OpenText Security Summit 2024 today. In a context where IT security teams face increasing pressure to strengthen application security, OpenText is enriching the second version of its audit tool. The new version of Fortify Audit Assistant leverages a next-generation static … Read more