France Identity: the dematerialized identity card available on a greater number of smartphones

France Identity France Identity is the new digital identity service developed by the French Government that takes another step towards digital security and allows you to prove your identity without disclosing our private data. Transfers: 602 Release date of : 10/29/2023 Author: French Government License: Free license Categories: Information Operational system : Android, iOS, iPhone … Read more

Former CBOE Chief Digital Officer Joins Argo Blockchain as CEO

Former CBOE Digital Director Thomas Chippas has been named Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Argo Blockchain Company. He replaces Seif El-Bakly, who held the position on an interim basis. Former CEO Peter Wall stepped down last February. A strategic appointment Argo Blockchain, Bitcoin mining company listed on the London Stock Exchange and Nasdaq, has appointed … Read more

Cheaper open source alternatives threaten OpenAI

alternatives open source moins cheres menacent openai couv

In the ever-changing arenaartificial intelligence (AI), a major challenge is emerging for technology giants like OpenAI, represented by the rise of open source models. This trend, exemplified by innovative companies like Ramp, reveals a strategy where expensive models like OpenAI’s GPT-4 are used as springboards to develop open source alternatives that are more cost-effective and … Read more

Rubrik integrates generative AI into its security cloud

Riding the wave of generative AI and its potential to help IT understand, detect, analyze and remediate security incidents, Rubrik is powering its flagship “Security Cloud” platform with an “in-house” conversational AI called Ruby and based on OpenAI models via Azure… Generative AI is establishing itself at warp speed in the world of cybersecurity and … Read more

Artificial intelligence and cybersecurity

A constantly evolving context Much has been said about artificial intelligence (AI) systems that are at the center of very rich news. Everyone is trying to capitalize on data, whether legally or illegally. Digital security has long aimed to guarantee the availability of the information system, the integrity and confidentiality of the data it transmits … Read more

Is your bank doing enough against fraud?

fraude mobile

Growing strongly (+64% between 2021 and 2022), transfer fraud is challenging banks. Traditional security systems are reaching their limits in the face of cybercriminals’ appetite, and regulators are pushing to modernize practices. What are the new anti-fraud tactics? And which banks are taking over? We take stock. Among the payment methods available to you, it … Read more

MicroCloud, an open source private cloud accessible to everyone

11/28/2023 Cedric11/28/2023 • Favorites: two Canonical has just launched MicroCloud, a new cost-effective open source cloud solution. Objective: to make the Private Cloud available to as many people as possible, in a configuration that can be used on both basic and high-end hardware. MicroCloud is clearly part of the evolution of Canonical Cloud Infrastructure Solutions. … Read more