Is the Go programming language gaining popularity? Moves up to eighth place on Tiobe, the highest position ever achieved in the index

Google’s Go language, or golang, has reached its highest position on the Tiobe Language Popularity Index. This language, which currently ranks eighth in the linguistic popularity index, has been growing for several years. Go, which is probably best known as the language used to develop Docker and Kubernetes, climbed into the top 10 of the … Read more

Dart opens to Wasm and GenAI applications

Released on February 15, version 3.3 of the Dart language lays the foundation for compiling Flutter applications into WebAssembly (Wasm), while the new SDK integrates the Gemini API to implement AI functions in applications. The latest update (3.3) of the Dart programming language Google for creating mobile, desktop, and web applications, provides experimental support for … Read more

In Rennes, training in web development professions reserved for women

Digital careers training center Simplon offers a new pre-qualification SAS for web development careers reserved for women. “The objective of this six-week pre-qualifying training is to participate in the diversification and feminization of profiles in the digital sector. The action is entirely financed by the Region of Brittany and Pôle Emploi, which will allow people … Read more

Microsoft introduces new Visual Studio 2022 17.9 features for C++ developers and brings several productivity and performance improvements

Microsoft is pleased to announce that Visual Studio 2022 version 17.9 is now available. New features in this release for the C++ language are summarized below. Standard library Microsoft continues to improve the implementation of its open source standard library and thanks everyone who contributed features and fixes. You can find all changes in the … Read more

Guide to Essential Apps in Cambodia

Radio les français dans le monde

Whether you’re a tourist for a few weeks or have the idea of ​​settling down more permanently, we’ve compiled a list of apps that should be on your smartphone during your stay in Cambodia. has separated the applications that have become more or less essential in the daily lives of those who live in … Read more

Apple launches AI model on Github

02/09/2024 Good technology02/09/2024 • Favorites: two Proof that Apple is investing massively in artificial intelligence? A new AI image editing model has just been presented. The conference document was published on the occasion of ICLR 2024. Development is done in open source. PWith small touches, Apple’s advances in artificial intelligence are coming to light. The … Read more

Paris and Berlin team up to develop AI for their civil servants –

The two capitals, despite recent disagreements on various issues, announced their collaboration to develop artificial intelligence (AI) tools for their respective administrations. An initiative focused on administrative digitalization Despite recent disputes, especially over energy issues, Paris AND Berlin announced their commitment to the development of toolsartificial intelligence (IA) intended for use in their administrations. The … Read more

Health Rounds: AI can improve the diagnosis of skin diseases, but prejudice linked to skin color remains – 02/08/2024 at 8:19 pm

((Automatic translation by Reuters, see disclaimer by Nancy Lapid Hello Health Rounds readers! Today we bring another example of a potential benefit of artificial intelligence: it can help doctors improve the diagnosis of skin diseases, but it does not necessarily reduce racial bias in diagnoses. We also highlight a potentially important discovery about the … Read more