Android users beware! These conditions may block your APKs

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To prevent installation of corrupt APKs, Android blocks them if downloaded outside of the Play Store and requires certain specific authorizations. Google wants to strengthen the security of its ecosystem. ©Envato In Singapore, Android blocks APKs that request certain permissions Google wants to prevent the installation of corrupted apps This role is currently reserved for … Read more

Apple launches three new apps

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In Apple Music we logically find album and song purchases made on iTunes, but also access to the music streaming service. The same thing for Apple TV, but with series and films. In either case, to access content purchased on iTunes, you will need to keep the app installed, even though the purchased content only … Read more

Google is trying to tighten its installation policy on Android to limit spam and other malware

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The permissions targeted by Google are linked to the automatic filling of the password or unique code sent via SMS by an online service within the scope of double authentication. Malicious application developers can use these APIs (or development interfaces) to access this sensitive information and then users’ banking or financial applications. Notifications and accessibility … Read more

Develop mobile apps for iOS and Android

There are no longer apps available first on iPhone and then on Android or vice versa. Multiplatform technologies abolish this restriction and become essential. Flutter: simple, efficient, open source, with a dynamic community Structure An open-source UI developed by Google, Flutter challenges native technologies like Kotlin (Android) or Swift (iOS). Flutter is capable of sharing … Read more

Whatsapp will soon be compatible to communicate with other messaging apps

Two years after work began, WhatsApp is preparing to implement interoperability with other encrypted messaging applications, in accordance with the European Digital Markets Act (DMA). The European Union has decided to crack down on the abuse of a dominant position in the technology sector. Last September, it published a list of companies, including Meta (Facebook, … Read more

WhatsApp will open its instant messaging service to other applications

According to Digital Markets Law (DMA), which should come into force on March 7th, the main messaging services, namely WhatsApp, Messenger or iMessage “should open and interoperate with small messaging platforms if they so request”. Otherwise, Meta or Litter will be sanctioned by European justice. Use for one-on-one discussions With a month to go until … Read more

Here are your favorite apps

For example, in 2021, during confinement, in the Top 10 applications was TousAntiCovid. Well, yes, we had no choice… There was also Doctolib, well, yes, because we all had Covid. But also social media because we had to keep busy, Vinted and Shein to order clothes at home, and UberEats to deliver food. In 2022, … Read more