ChatGPT will also make its entry into Peugeot

Peugeot 308 PHEV © David Nogueira

Peugeots will have a new look. In fact, they will benefit from ChatGPT’s contribution, according to a statement from the Stellantis group. The implementation of the chatbot is being implemented this Wednesday, January 31st, in five European countries (France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Great Britain), for a first phase of testing. “ Since ChatGPT has been … Read more

Musicians fear being replaced, according to Franco-German study

Each survey contains numbers that leave an impression. Thus, the one commissioned from the consultancy Goldmedia to more than 15,000 music professionals by Sacem (Society of Musical Authors and Composers) and its German counterpart, Gema, presents some surprising results. Thus, 71% of music creators and publishers fear that AI will cause a reduction in their … Read more

6 big trends to follow in 2024

This year will be marked by innovation, regulation, data security, but also by the search for profitability and sustainability for companies in a difficult economic context. As we enter the new year, governments will be forced to look for ways to regulate the misuse of artificial intelligence without affecting its use in businesses or the … Read more

Does France need an AI authority?

La France a-t-elle besoin d’une Autorité de l’IA ?

An almost final version the AI ​​Law has been circulating for several days, although the final vote on the European regulation is scheduled for early February. If this project is confirmed, France you will not have been able to obtain the concessions you expected in the base models. But according to the Montaigne Institute, there … Read more

Should lawyers be afraid of artificial intelligence?

Behind the rational and justified criticisms directed at the creator of I-Avocat, namely the illegal exercise of the profession or the confidentiality of the data provided, lies a real fear. However, fear of artificial intelligence (AI) is not the prerogative of lawyers, who only reacted to a rather non-subtle attack on their profession. AI generates … Read more

New technologies in the financial sector: a strategic lever for growth and differentiation

Quand l'IA générative vient totalement bouleverser un secteur : le secteur financier

The financial sector is facing an unprecedented technological revolution. Traditional market players must reinvent themselves as technology companies to satisfy customer needs and resist competition from new entrants. Technology is no longer a simple tool, but a strategic lever for growth and differentiation. By Jérôme de Gallé, Director of Innovation and Digital Transformation Consulting for … Read more

Alphabet and Microsoft capitalize on their investments in artificial intelligence

Alphabet achieved more than US$86 billion (74 billion Swiss francs) in revenue in the fourth quarter of 2023, an increase of 13% compared to the previous year. The world number one in online advertising generated 20.7 billion (17.8 billion Swiss francs) in net profit (+52%), according to its quarterly results press release published on Tuesday. … Read more

Your AI investments benefit Google and Microsoft

Microsoft’s revenue for the October-December period increased 18% year over year (archives). KEYSTONE/AP/Joan Mateu Parra sda-ats This content was published on January 31, 2024 – 00:02 January 31, 2024 – 00:02 (Keystone-ATS) Google and Microsoft ended 2023 with revenues and profits above expectations. This is due, in particular, to its enormous investments in artificial intelligence, … Read more