record year for ransomware, haunting global companies

According to the company Chainalysis, the amounts paid by victims reached “a record level” of 1.1 billion dollars in 2023. French authorities anticipate a considerable number of threats with the Paris Olympic Games. More numerous, more sophisticated and more expensive: attacks Ransomware Targeting companies registered a sharp increase in 2023, after a pause in 2022, … Read more

artificial intelligence will cause “information chaos”

Twenty years. Facebook celebrates its birthday this Sunday, February 4, 2024. Born from the mind of student Mark Zuckerberg, the platform quickly changed the lives of billions of Internet users. To the point that the company founded by the former Harvard student has become one of the most powerful in the world. Facebook is a … Read more

Are your personal data in the hands of hackers? Do the test

This doesn’t just happen to others… Large companies, hospitals, SMEs, individuals, no one is safe from seeing their personal data disappear into the wild and become the object of illicit trade on the Dark Web. Here is a tool that allows you to check if your various online accounts on the Internet were the target … Read more

17 connected devices per US household

Smart TV, sécurité, streaming… : 17 appareils connectés par foyer américain

Needs, habits and means are evolving, leading the public to increasingly equip their homes with a multitude of connected objects. According to Parks Associates, broadband-equipped American homes have an average of 17 connected devices (as of Q3 2023). A number that was 12 in the summer of 2020, when Parks estimated that it should increase … Read more